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How To Use Our
Covid-19 Self Tests

We offer various Covid-19 testing services. This is a step-by-step instructional guide for "Anterior Nasal Swab" self testing.

Self Test Video

You can use COVID-19 self-tests regardless of vaccination status or whether or not you have symptoms.

Consider using a COVID-19 self-test before joining indoor gatherings with others who are not in your household.


This is especially important before:

  • Going to work

  • Gathering with individuals at risk of severe disease

  • Gathering with older individuals

  • Gathering those who are immunocompromised, unvaccinated people, or children who cannot get vaccinated yet

To obtain accurate results, follow the instructions for performing the self-test in the video below:

  • Test as soon as possible after your symptoms start.

  • Contact your healthcare provider right away if your test result is positive.

  • If you test positive, you should isolate and wear a well-fitting mask if you must be around others, inform your healthcare provider, and inform any close contacts.

  • If you are a healthcare provider, follow CDC guidance for healthcare providers.

  • A negative self-test result means that the test did not detect the virus, but it does not rule out a COVID-19 infection. A single negative self-test result may not reliable, especially if you have symptoms associated with COVID-19.

  • If your result is negative, repeating the self-test within a few days, with at least 24 hours between tests, will increase the confidence that you are not infected with the virus causing COVID-19.

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